Taking the Dash Apart

Some necessary steps you need to know for electrical mods  ◆◇◇◇ Easy


If you ever need to do some electrical work, chances are you will have to remove the dash.  For example, to install the stereo you need to remove the center piece.  To get to the fuses, you will have to remove the glove compartment and to get many different wire bundles you have to remove the dash piece below the steering wheel.  They are shown here.



Tools Needed

Screw Driver

Torx Set


Job Hours

10 minutes





Removing Glove Compartment


1. Open the glove box, remove the limiting strap by pulling it to the direction shown.  Then lean the glove box more  toward the passenger seat and pull it away from the hinge.





Removing Center Piece







1. First you need to remove the top vent cover.  You do this by prying that piece out using flat head screw driver and some rag or paper towel to prevent marring/scratching the surface as shown.




2. Once removed you will see two screws holding the top of the center piece to the dash skeleton.  Remove them.  Be careful not to drop the screws into the vent or behind the dash.




3. Remove the ash try by holding the metal piece down and pulling away from the center piece.  Once that is done you can see what is shown on the left.  You remove that screw, the center piece is free to be removed.




4. Grab the areas shown in both pictures and pull to remove the center piece.  It should pop out.






Removing Knee Blocker







1. Remove the two torx screws  as shown on the right and pull the plastic piece out.  Watch out for the light switch.




2. Once the plastic piece is removed, you can remove 4 screws and remove the metal guard to get access to the wires behind the knee blocker




Removing Door Panels (Will Be Added Soon!)


If you have any questions or recommendations, please let me know!!



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Written by Michael on 5.19.2006.