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PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 12:55 am    Post subject: Review: Internet Exclusive! DWD2 Evaporator Cleaning System Reply with quote

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Do you have bad odor when you turn on your A/C or just plain vent? Do you sneeze and have runny nose when you turn them on? I do.

Interested in getting rid of them? Read on.

As I have been searching on the net about cleaning vent system on a vehicle similar to cleaning home heating and airconditioning system. I also happened to read many articles related to A/C system to understand this problem better. To make the long story short, I found out the bad smell is caused by accumulated allergens, dirts, road grease, and other bad stuff in evaporators of A/C system.

Evaporator is a component of air conditioning system. As the refrigerant evaporates within the evaporator, it absorbs heat from the surrounding area. When air is blown through it, hot air becomes cold. This is how the refrigerator and A/C systems work.

How often do you change your home air filters? What happens when you do change them for a while say about a year? A lot of stuff would get stuck on the filter right?

TJs do not filter incoming air that comes through cowl space. As the unfiltered air comes through the cowl vent (you can see it in front of the windshield, slotted opening, between two wipers) into the blower motor, it gets blown into the evaporator core. The evaporator core will catch foreign materials over time. It does that every time when the driver turns on the vent. Just imagine the years of accumulation plus all the condensation that form within. The evaporator basically becomes a breeding ground for molds and bactaria. That is what causes the bad smell! Smell is only a part of a whole problem.

Well, I am sure most of you who read this far, have all tried that "pine tree" or similar products to mask the smell but that is more like putting a perfume over a smelly rag. I wanted to something more substantial to get rid of the cause of the smell. After a few days of search I found a product called DWD2.

DWD2 is applied directly to the evaporator core. It is basically a special foaming detergent that cleans the evaporator core without having to dismantle the whole HVAC system from the jeep or any other vehicle. The residue is rinsed by the condensation that forms on the evaporator core and drained through the A/C drain that every vehicles have.

Even though DWD2 seems like it has been around for awhile but it surely does lack some web presence as I couldn't find much of information. So I decided to be the first amongst TJ owners to document the process and report the result of the cleaning procedure!

More Information on Manufactuer's website:

Check them out and let me know what more you guys want to see before I start!

Coming Soon!
Stay tuned!

Parts are in - 4/25/2006

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 8:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Site Founder

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I would like to say many thanks to Jorge Del Rio for making the sample available to for review!

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