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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:19 pm    Post subject: KreationKrawlers heading to Martinez Cabins Reply with quote


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Wow, interesting trip!!! We have had a ton of rain lately so there was a lot more water in the canyons than normal and things were real muddy. It was real cool seing all the water flowing in the rock garden after the Cabins too, never seen it like that before.

We started the run with my Jeep folled by Digger Dave in his 2x4Taco and the fresh, as of yet untested, 3" lift folled by Obsidian and then my son in the sami and the Wife in her big LONG Ford. Everything went very well, lots of mud but beautiful scenery and definatly a lot of playing in the water!!

When we reached the staircase to Box Canyon, someone had dumped a bunch of wood. At first we were pissed because we assumed it was wheelers using it to go up the steps but after looking closer, there were no tire tracks or signs of it vehicles climbinging it, more likely just wood in a truck that fell out and they didn't want to pick it up. Well, lucily we had the big truck and had firewood in it for later anyway so we broke up the wood and put it in the truck to leave the site clean for others.

Smooth sailing all the way till just before the Cabins. Digger Dave and his 2x4 have made it thru the rock garden before the Cabins numerous but the wet caugt him (and the Ford) this time, half way thru he spun on a rock and slid sideways into THe Boulder, you know, the big door catcher that sticks out at the mid point!!!! Took some damage to the back edge of the cab and front of the bed but it missed the door!!! The Ford had a lot of trouble thru here also due to its size but there was no damage except running boards that were coming off anyway.

After we got to the Cabins, Obsidian, Ben and I went on a little farther to play. We made it a ways in but had to turn around as others needed to get going and in turning around, Obsidian got hung on his hitch!!! A quick tug and he was out and rolling again.

Pretty much uneventfull all the way back, got Caleb and Mom back to the air up poit and their car, Digger was running behind so he aired and left and we talked to Obsidian a bit while her aired and then left for a friends going away party, Barb, Ben and Ashley, and I crawled back in our rigs and headed back in a little ways to look for a place to play and to have a campfire. Ashley got to spend some time learning to handle the clutch and manual tranny in the Sami while we watched and laughed and we used some of the discarded wood to help in our campfire. Later in the evening we packed it in, aired up and rehooked the Sami for the trip home. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable run!

Dav's Tellin Ben to "Just pick it up!!!"

Meeting new people

14 and a pretty dang good wheeler!!!

Danger Dan ain't a danger no more!


Got the tire but no fender!!

A Non-Goob Shot of Caleb!!!!

All the pics can be seen at
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


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Truly excellent pix. The sheet ply is just weird. As for Danger Dan, at least he died with his boots on (I love the humorous shots).
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