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Mechanix Glove Impact Series 3.0

It is a skid plate for your hands.  Product Review

The Story

It has been years since I started wrenching.  Since then I have been acquiring various tools but I was seriously lacking protection for my hands. Using light duty cotton gloves left me with black finger nails.  How many of you remember getting greasy black dirt under your finger nails lasting for days, not to mention busted knuckles, cuts and bruises.  Trying to get those dirt out with brush?  Pulsating and painful fingers at night?


I decided to treat myself and get me a good set of gloves.  It is called, Mechanic Glove Impact Series 3.0.  The palm is heavily padded to reduce the vibration from using powered tools.  You can see the palm, index and middle fingers have rubber padding.  This allows you to grab things with batter traction.  Gray material is synthetic leather and it is quite absorbent to keep your hand dry from sweat.


I had chance to use this glove for a whole week over 12 hours each day; working on control arms, exhaust system, insulation, power window, subwoofer installation, brakes and etc.  I believe this was a good test for this pair of gloves and I am sure this covers the majority of the usage that it will ever face.



The Verdict


Now that is what it looks like after a whole week of working on the Jeep.  I had to break control arm bolts, rusted exhaust clamp bolts, work on brakes, roll on the insulation material on the entire body tub and the hardtop two layers..



Judging from my previous experience, I would have gone through several pairs of cheap gloves throughout the week but I used this pair the entire time.  The ordinary gloves usually get so filthy so quick, they leave grease marks all over any thing that I touched with, and they also get stretched so much they got on my way when I tried picking things up.  


As far as protecting my hand, I would rate the glove to be a 10 out of 10.  There are about 1/8" rubber padding on the back side of your hand, knuckles, and at the finger joints.  I didn't have a single cut or bruise on my hand.  Rather I had cuts on my forearms.


The glove stayed unstretched throughout the week.  However, it developed a few areas with thread coming undone.  Use lighter to burn them off.








You can see how dirty the glove is after the whole week of usage.  The good thing is the glove is machine washable!


I found the glove to be suitable for heavy duty jobs.  If you were to do electrical jobs handling small parts, this glove wouldn't perform well.  Aside from that using air impact tools, protecting your hand, and giving you that extra grip/leverage pulling and twisting tools, this glove will give you the edge over regular garden gloves.  


It fits very well.  It will keep your hand free of dirt, grease, bruises and cuts.  No more black finger nails and pulsating fingers at night!


You can get one for around $25 (street price) for a pair.



If you have any questions or recommendations, please let me know!!



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Written by Michael on 5.17.2006.

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