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Mopar Jeep Sound Deck Subwoofer Upgrade

Sony 8" subwoofer install into the rear sound deck.   ◆◆◇◇  Medium

Mopar Jeep Sound Deck SubwooferI've had the Mopar Jeep Sound Deck which encloses one 8 inch subwoofer along with two tweeters for about 4 years.  I won't shake the rear view mirror of the car stopped next you but sure was a nice to have much needed bass added to the TJ stereo system.  If I remember correctly it is rated at 50 watts.  It has two tweeters built into the deck and came with two other 4"x6" speakers to upgrade the speakers in the dash.

After the 5 years of faithful service to mask the engine, road and wind noise, the paper subwoofer finally gave up and started giving me that distinct torn speaker noise (you will know what this sounds when you hear one).


I have been shopping around to see if there is direct replacement speaker for this woofer as I didn't want to spend much time working on it.  Well, that was just a wish, I had to measure and search for the right parts for the install.  After a few days of searching online and decided to go with the Sony 8" subwoofer.  It came with the subwoofer, mounting screws, foam tape that goes between the mouting surface and the sub.  One thing I liked about the subwoofer is that it came with thumb screw set up at the wire connection so I didn't have to do any crimping or soldernig as you will see at the end of the write up.  However there were problems mounting this sub on the sound deck.

Subwoofer RemovedSony Subwoofer Mock FittingProblem 1:  The factory sub uses its unique mounting screws and nut combo.  There are only total of 4 screws and there are 4 metal nuts coated in rubber and inserted into 4 different locations on the deck.  Sony has total of 10 mounting screw holes you can use to mount the sub.

Unflushed Subwoofer MountingProblem 2: The mounting surface of the sub is recessed with respect to the sound deck that when I tried to mate the Sony subwoofer on the mounting surface, it won't sit flush due to the large silver frame around the speaker.


Sub-Ring Mock FitSubwoofer Mounting RingTo resolve those two issues, I decided to use "sub-ring" that people use to make custom boxes. I purchased a package of 4, 8 inch sub rings made of wood.  I bought these to use as spacers to go between the mounting surface on the deck and the subwoofer.  

These were about 1/2 inch thick and had the diameter just small enough to be mounted flush on the sound deck.  So far so good!

Unfit RingUnfit ReasonBut when I tried to mount the sub on the ring, it won't sit flush because there was slight bend on the sub mounting surface and the sub frame that holds the magnet in place.  To have the speaker sit flush with the ring, I just took a file and filed around the inner edge of the ring.  The problem was solved.

Now I had everything to complete the set up.

Symptom It Fixed

Torn Speaker, rattle noise, better bass.


Required Supplies & Tools

Drill bits of various sizes


Sub Ring 8"

Sony 8" (~$50)

4 of 1.5" long machine screws with matching washers and nuts

Locktite (Red)

Cotton/Poly Fills (~$4 from Michaels)

Foam Tape (~$7 from Home Depot)


Job Hours

2 Hours



◆◆◇◇  Medium

You are working with the vehicles existing wiring.  You must have some understanding of the electrical wiring.




Deck RemovalHand Knob1.  First remove the sound deck from the tub.





Sub Removal2. Remove the metal mesh screen cover.  This will expose 4 bolts that holds the frame and the subwoofer together.  Remove those 4 bolts and remove 4  nut rubber inserts.  Remove the foam spacer as well. Don't remove the wiring attached to the subwoofer.



Subwoofer Terminal3. If you look closely at the picture shown.  There is positive and negative engraving on the insulation right by the terminal.  Solid green is the positive, Green/Black was the ground.




Sub-Ring Mock Fit4. Test fit the sub ring on the sound deck.  Also test fit the sub. *note: I painted the sub ring black.





DrillingDrilling26. Using the factory subwoofer mounting frame mark the subring's mounting location, then drill just big enough to clear the 1.5" long machine screws but to hold the head of the screw.  *note: after each hole is drilled test fit into the sound deck with the screw in place. 


Subwoofer Alignment7. Now using the template supplied or the sub itself, mark the sub mounting holes and drill the "pilot" holes for the mounting screws while it is off of the sound deck.  *note:  I did not drill 9 o'clock position of the sub ring because there was already screw there for the sub ring to mount onto the sound deck.  So you will be only drilling 9 holes total.  You also need to align the sub so that it is not slanted before you drill.  I have used to screws and a long rulers to check the alignment of the sub. Remember!  You measure three times and drill once!


8. Now clean around the mounting surface and apply the foam tape around it.  





9. Mount the predrilled sub-ring and tighten down the ring using machine screws, matching washer and nuts.  I used Locktite so they don't come apart.




Stuffed subwoofer boxDesiccant10. Before mounting the subwoofer on the deck, I decided to stuff the sound deck with poly-fill.  This is a well known trick used by sub box designers to simulate bigger box for the speaker.  I also threw in a small bag of desiccant to absorb any moisture that might build up within the box.


Subwoofer WiringFoamTape Install11. Wire the sub and apply the foam tape on the subwoofer to keep it from vibrating.  





Sony 8 inch Subwoofer Install Completed12. Screw it down with provided mounting screws.






Installation Completed12. Reinstall the sound deck and check for proper operation.






13. You are done!

If you have any questions or recommendation, please let me know!


Written by Michael on 6.2.2006

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