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Featured Write Up

Clutch ReplacementAX-15 5 Speed Manual Transmission Clutch Replacement

Replacing the clutch at home. ߡߡޡ Medium


It was since the rear main seal repair that I started noticing very faint grinding noise which I could only hear under the Jeep.  I didn't think much of it because I thought my Jeep turning 10 years old; I assumed it would be my... <more>


XRC RemoteXRC Winch In-Cab Control Instal

Member Contributed Write Up:  Written by AZLugz


I have seen this issue come up a lot and have been "Gonna do it" for a long time, well, I was at 4 Wheel Parts last Friday and was checking out Ethan's Sami buggy and his homemade in-cab and decided to do it but a little different.<more>



Rear Main Seal LeakRear Main Seal Replacement

No more oil spot on your driveway. ߡߡޡ Medium


If you own 4.0L I6, you will have a rear main seal leaking on you. As shown in the picture above, the symptom is a engine oil leak between the engine and the transmission. This repair costs anywhere from $300 to $600 depending on where you get the repair done. Surprisingly...<more>



Dual Switch PanelDual Switch Panel Add-On

More control with the factory look. ߡޡޡ Easy!


One thing about TJs is that the space is at a premium that you can hardly find space to install things on. This mod has been around forever and originated from Harry Brosfsky(sp?). Since 1998, I have been thinking about doing this mod.. <more>



RadiatorAll Metal 3 Row Heavy Duty Radiator Installation

60+ pictures, so YOU can do it at home. ߡޡޡ Easy!


There are many components that go bad on TJs rather quickly compared to the same components on other vehicles on the road. Funny how we accept them as "Jeep Thing." Sadly, the radiator is one of those things that will go bad on you. <more>


Brake Light FixBrake Light Swtich Replacement

Let them know that you are stopping! ߡޡޡ  Easy


When I completed the installation of the ORO LiteDOTs on my Jeep, I was surprised to find the lights are not responding to the brake pedal. I was rather dumb founded but I was able to narrow down the problem to the brake light switch. <more>



Rusty's Radiator SkidplateRadiator Skid Plate by Rusty's Offroad

Protect an overlooked component, the radiator. ߡޡޡ  Easy


We all know a radiator is a critical component that when damaged, it can quickly ruin a nice weekend outing. Most of us do not carry a spare radiator on a trail ride. After seeing how vulnerable TJ's radiator is, I decided to protect it. There are a couple of brands available for radiator skid: Skidrow and Rusty's Offroad. <more>



BlendMount ScangaugeIIScanGaugeII and BlendMount by MGT MotorSports  

Add more gauges with ease. ߡޡޡ  Easy


I have been eye-ing the Scanguage II for awhile. It let you basically monitor everything the TJ's computer sees; Engine load, intake air temperature, system voltage, coolant temperature, throttle position, RPM, speed, etc and etc. Plus it also calculates MPG, GPH, distance to empty, how much fuel available in the tank, and... <more>



speedoSpeedo Gear and Sensor Replacement

Fix that malfunctioning speedometer! ߡޡޡ  Easy


One day I was driving back home and all of sudden guage started acting up.  I thought it was just my gauge being disconnected from the ECM causing it to dance around. Well, following that I got a "Check Engine" light.  Then I was coming to a stop at a light and naturally hit the clutch to shift into neutral.  Guess what, the engine stalled and died leaving me with no power steering or the brake. <more>



Dash ModDash Mod: LEDs and Brushed Aluminum Faceplate

Update the old look!  ߡޡޡ  Easy


Well, bored with my Jeep, I decided do something with the interior. I came across a lighting mod from one of the Jeep forums and decided to do it myself. Even though this mod was very easy to do, there was not much of an instruction per se. So while I am at it, I decided to write this up for those people who are too careful with the mod they engage in. <more>



Exhaust ManifoldExhaust Manifold Replacement

Replace Cracked Manifold/Header, the Cheap Way!


Believe it or not, this is my 3rd exhaust manifold swap and 4th manifold! If you own a Jeep, this is one of the things you will HAVE to replace.  On TJs, it is very well known that the exhaust manifold cracks.  So people look into replacement with life time warranty, namely Borla and Banks performance headers.... <more>



Kilby Steering Skid PlateKilby Steering Skid Plate Install

Protect the steering gear box!  ߡޡޡ Easy 


If you look at the jeep from the front, you can see a round object on the driver side below the bumper. That is what steers your jeep and is exposed low underneath the bumper. The possibility of it hitting something and break is higher than the bumper itself when offroading. The breakage can seriously ruin your weekend.  For that reason priced around $50, it is a cheap insurance. <more>



SeaFoamSeaFoam Application

Clean intake=smoother engine!  ߡޡޡ Easy


When engines accumulate running hours, it will wear and lose their original performance.  However, that is not the only thing that kills the performance. Since fuel injectors are installed on the intake, it will inject fuel from the intake side into the intake valve.  Even though it is very short distance that fuel travels, but it can get pretty gunked up. <more>



Warn Fuel Tank Skid Installation CompletedWarn Fuel Tank Skid Plate Install

Protect the Belly of the Beast!!  ߡߡޡ Medium


I was trying to tag along a 4 wheeling club ride, I found that my TJ is not equipped enough to ride safely with them.  Since my jeep only has been a scenic drive vehicle,  ;)  I haven't paid much attention underneath the jeep; it was seriously lacking some protection for vital components under the Jeep. <more>



Exhaust System UpgradeExhaust Upgrade: Magnaflow Cat & Dynomax Cat-Back

Let your engine breath!!  ߡߡޡ  Medium


As far as I know, Chrysler/Jeep is required to replace your malfunctioning exhaust system until 8 year/80,000 miles on the Jeep even with your 3year/36K warranty. With my luck after hitting 88,xxx miles, my catalytic converter has gone bad that it was rattling like "you know what." <more>



Mini-Write Up

Steering Linkage LubricationSteering Linkage Lubrication

Smooth is better!  ߡޡޡ  Easy


Chassis lubrication is one of those maintenance items specified under the owner's manual.  It helps joints in the steering linkages move free.  This in turn helps the longevity of the steering components.  I personally do it with every oil change.  It only takes minutes and the potential return is several times that. <more>




Advanced AdapterAdvanced Adapter Transfer Case Lever Bracket-Better than OEM!


It is one of those things, that the TJ designers should have done from the factory.  The 4WD shifter pivot assembly is attached to both the body and the drivetrain.  This is very much of a problem if you are doing any type of body lift and considering how much drivetrain moves around with respect to the body.  <more>



Coming Near Future!

All the items in the list are already done.  I just got to write them up! Stay tuned!

Smelly A/C?  Clean it up!

with DWD2 Evaporator Cleaner


Creature Comfort Part I

Hardtop Insulation


Creature Comfort Part II

Firewall, Door, & Floor Insulation


Creature Comfort Part III

Stereo Install


Creature Comfort Part IV

No More Rattle!


Creature Comfort Part VI

Rear View Mirror with many tricks!


Differential Service(D35)



Replacing D35 Axle Shaft


Silence That Brake Noise!

Fix that Squeeeel~


Adjustable Track Bar TFTJ

Nth Degree Engineering


Bushwacker Fender Flares

Cover your treads


Power Steering Oil Change

That oil should be clear.


Ground Wires


Tire Rotations

Different methods


Factory Bottle Jack

Jack of all trades!


Teraflex Rear Track Bar

with OME relocation Bracket


Garvin Industry Rear Tire Carrier

with Cargo Carrier


Teraflex Disc Conversion (D35)

Just Say No To Drums!


SYE - Slip Yoke Eliminator

For newbies


Hardtop Seal Repair

Stop that leak


Toys by Troy, Sport Cage

Peace of mind, priceless


Suspension Explained

Jeep TJ Wrangler


Tuned up!

Air Filter, Spark Plug & Plug Wires, Rotor Cap, SeaFoam...


JVC KD-AVX1 (Product review)